CFM Certification

IFMA offers the first certification program designed specifically for facility professionals. IFMA’s certification is structured to tap into the experience and educational backgrounds of facility managers and test for professional competence. It is the backbone that supports the enhanced integrity and international recognition of the profession.

The certification program tests the knowledge and experience of facility management professionals through a comprehensive exam that focuses on the following nine competency areas:

  • Communication
  • Facility Function
  • Finance
  • Human and Environmental Factors
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Quality Assessment and Innovation
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

Since the program began in 1992, more than 1,600 facility professional around the world have earned the CFM designation. After becoming a Certified Facility Manager, individuals are required to participate in various educational sessions and other professional development activities to maintain their certification.


NY Tech Valley Chapter of IFMA chapter’s leadership encourage you to pursue your CFM.


  • Enhances career opportunities
  • Improves salary and/or advancement
  • Prepares you for greater responsibility
  • Creates recognition for your skills among peers and management
  • Provides focus for your professional development
  • Increases self esteem and credibility


  • Increases confidence in the skills of the employee
  • Provides objective benchmarks for validating skills
  • Contributes to company’s competitive advantage
  • Assists as a hiring tool
  • Helps manage professional development
  • Increases morale and loyalty

CFM Exam Review

This 2 day seminar is designed to help aspiring CFM’s practice test-taking skills. NOTE: This is not an overview of material, but help with test-taking skills, although some material will be covered.

IFMA’s CFM Exam is competency-based, testing a professional’s abilities relative to standards that define the practice of facility management. The CFM is a higher-level credential than a knowledge-based program. IFMA’s FMP is designed to bring you one step closer to achieving the CFM, the most respected designation in facility management.

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