Thank You

Potential & Existing Members:

On behalf of NY Tech Valley Chapter of IFMA, I would like to thank you for your interest and commitment to make this growing chapter of IFMA to be as successful as it can be.

Back in January, I received an email from David Hammons of RD Weis Companies that was sent to existing members of IFMA that were in and around the Capital Region to see if there was any interest in forming a local chapter.

Without hesitation, we all jumped at the chance, because of the learned benefits of a local chapter, and within a couple of days, we had our first initial interest meeting held at RPI.

Being of a member of a prestigious organization like IFMA is a privilege, because it holds no bounds to the extent of involvement. The saying, “You get out of it what you put into it” is the best way to describe the benefits.

The success of this local chapter really hinges on the involvement of each and every one of its members. Members can grow either personally or professionally from the benefits of this chapter, so get involved!

Our local chapter will strive to meet at least once a month to network and discuss the latest goings on in Facility Management, so we encourage you to participate and spend time making acquaintances with fellow professionals and associates members.

While we will be known as “the new kid on the block,” we want to make other IFMA chapters around the country stand up and take notice of the vision and determination of this chapter and be the one that everyone else envies.

In closing, I would like to thank each of you for your dedication and commitment to making NY Tech Valley Chapter of IFMA a successful chapter.

Kind regards,

Oleh Turcak
President for the newly forming chapter to be called NY Tech Valley Chapter of IFMA